Monday, 25 September 2017

ALiM Parent Visit

Thank you so much to those of you who braved the weather and made it out to join in with some maths fun with your child for ALiM!  Great problem solving skills!

Weekly Notices - Week 10 Term 3


Forms for parent input into 2018 class placements were issued the week before last to each student. Parents  - please note these forms need to be returned by Friday 29 September if you wish us to consider your input. The forms need to be returned to the big blue postal box in the student foyer. 

Thanks to those parents who have already returned the form for their child/ren.
If you have mislaid or not seen the form you can collect a copy from the School Office or go to this link  



8.45am School Singing

9.45 am Student Celebration Staffroom (3 students from room 15 have been nominated to go to this)
2.00pm Kapa Haka.

9.45 am Student Celebration Staffroom
11.00am Pasifika Group
School Assembly hosted by room 12

Friday, 22 September 2017

Seasonal Senses Poems

Gentle waves
The fresh breeze
People playing in the water
Tasting ice cream
Touching the hot sand

By Daniil Manlunas

People skiing down the mountain
The marvellous smell of hot chocolate
The smashing wind against my face
Special lunch at nice cafes
My parents warm loving arms

By Francis Larkin

Blossoms on the trees
Flowers in your garden
Birds singing
Juicy strawberries
Leaves grow

By Jayda Meelker

Leaves falling from the trees
I smell the rain
I taste a hot pie
The wind
Crunchy leaves

By Jesse Skews

Prayer Journal

Thank you to Ezraela and the Linusa family for their 'Prayer for those in Need' and Connor and the Hesom family for their 'Prayer for Children Separated from their Families'.  Olivia and the Graham family now have our journal.

Thursday, 21 September 2017


We have our ALiM Whanau Connection Day today!  Thank you to those parents from the middle school who are able to come out today and join in some maths fun with their child.

Thank you to those who have gone through their R.E books with their child and helped to fill in the feedback form.  Can all R.E books please be returned to school before the end of term.

Please note that the form about class preference for your child next year, is due Friday 29th September.  If you do not have one please see me.

We are running low on headphones in the class.  They are really important - especially for those children who are on Lexia.  These can be purchased from the school office.

For Golden Time this week we are having a Pyjama Party!  Don't forget to pack your child's pyjamas in their bags before they come to school tomorrow.

ALiM Problem of the Week

I thought I'd post a logic and reasoning puzzle for you to solve with Mum and Dad.  Give it a try!

A man has a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage. He must cross a river with the two animals and the cabbage. There is a small rowing boat, in which he can take only one thing with him at a time. If, however, the wolf and the goat are left alone, the wolf will eat the goat. If the goat and the cabbage are left alone, the goat will eat the cabbage.

The Question: How can the man get across the river with the two animals and the cabbage?

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Farewell Katie!

We said goodbye to Katie as she is going back to Korea.  It has been a pleasure having her be part of room 15 for the short time she was here.  We will miss her very much!